We specialize in the processing of granite acquired from the Strzegom and Strzelin deposits.

We produce split raw elements such as:

  • granite cubes in various dimensions,
  • split raw road edgings,
  • walling stones.

In our processing plant, we also cut granite into particular elements such as:

  • granite kerbs,
  • cubes from plates,
  • granite plates,
  • stairs and floors.

We manufacture wrought elements as well; they are hand-made, based on our customers’ individual requirements and preferences.

We provide a wide range of grey stone construction materials; there is also a possibility of preparing coloured granite elements.

Our extensive machinery park allows us to offer our customers a considerable production potential and to fulfil practically every order. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we guarantee the best possible quality of our products.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with all applicable technological specifications described in terms of construction industry standards.
We hold experts’ rock quality opinions issued by renowned laboratories on the basis of conducted tests.