Chinese granite

Brokerstone is a direct importer and distributor of natural stone products coming from China.

Chinese granite imported by our firm is cheap; it meets all quality standards and is offered in a large number of colours.

All these qualities guarantee Chinese granite an important position in the European masonry sector and also in the product offer of Brokerstone.

Our employees ensure that stone elements imported from China are of the highest quality; we exercise special care and diligence in the selection of our business partners in China.

We also conduct thorough and reliable quality inspections of imported stone goods. Selected stones have undergone necessary testing procedures – their quality has been tested and certified by the leading Polish laboratories.

Products from China are imported to order in containers holding from 20 to 27 tons of stone.

Chinese granite products offered by Brokerstone:

  • ¬≠external and internal floors cut to measure with a thickness from 2 to 10 cm,
  • kerbs and road edgings,
  • cut/split granite cubes with textured surfaces (flamed, scabbled) made of gray or coloured granite as well as slate and porphyry,
  • others, according to specific orders.