The Firm

Brokerstone is a young, dynamically developing business specialising in the execution of investment projects comprising the supply and assembly of natural stone elements used in road building, the construction of residential and commercial buildings, hydro engineering.

The personnel core of the firm includes a group of experts and enthusiasts for many years involved in the operations of the masonry and construction sectors. Some of us started to get their first experiences as early as the 1970s.

In the establishment of our firm, we were inspired by our experience and knowledge acquired during many years of cooperation with the large construction and masonry companies, both in this country and abroad.

In response to dynamic changes taking place on the masonry market, we decided to reach out beyond the previous forms of service provision and offer our customers something more.

Each construction undertaking is a complicated investment process requiring for its success not only in-depth professional knowledge but also practical competence and experience in project implementation. The choice of Brokerstone as a partner in the execution of an investment project increases the chance of its completion in accordance with the investor’s expectations. Cooperating closely with specialist production plants, we combine numerous products into coherent wholes. We guarantee a high quality of supplied products, the timeliness of deliveries, attractive and competitive prices as well as expert technical consultancy, taking into consideration the application of the best solutions and practices as well as our partners’ financial requirements.

The trust and satisfaction of our previous customers, proven producers and suppliers of materials, qualified and certified assembly teams and our rich practical experience in the management of small and large projects will ensure our provision of effective and professional services as well as trouble-free implementation of successive investment projects.

It would be a pleasure for us to do business with you

Aleksander Kula – owner